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Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright. When using autoselection, a default amd am79c970 type is selected for use by examining all ports for carrier. Am79C Ethernet controller, and all Ethernet.

The NetBSD version in turn was derived from the le driver which first appeared in 4. Planex UETX.

Siemens Speedstream. SmartBridges smartNIC.

Technologists Notes

Amd am79c970 driver avoids all board-specific knowledge of such devices. For further information on configuring media types and options, see ifconfig 8. Also supported are adapters working with the pcn driver.

Amd am79c970 lnc driver runs these in compatibility mode, thus the pcn driver should be preferred. AR-P Ethernet.


AmbiCom 10BaseT card. This parameter can be used to specify the number of bytes of access width to be used by amd am79c970 driver during access to the shared memory. The constant NONE can be used to indicate no restrictions. Current internal support for this mechanism is not robust; implementation may not work on all targets requiring these restrictions. Selective reception of multicast Ethernet frames is provided by a bit mask; multicast destination addresses are hashed to a bit entry using the Ethernet CRC function. Ethernet address This parameter is obtained directly from a global memory location. The driver assumes that this address is available in a global, six-byte character array, lnEnetAddr[].


This array is amd am79c970 created and stuffed by the BSP code. Some target hardware that restricts the shared memory region to a amd am79c970 location also restricts the access width to this region by the CPU. Generally, the le driver aims at supporting as many different chips on as many different platforms as possible, partially at the cost of the best performance with some of these. This value can be used to determine the distance from the Ethernet tap to the point on the Ethernet cable that is shorted or open unterminated.


Supported Device Drivers 8. Ethernet Standards. The driver cannot maintain cache coherency for the device for data that is written by the driver because fields within the shared structures are asynchronously modified by both the driver am97c the device, amd am79c970 these fields may share the same cache line. The constant NONE can be used to indicate that there are no memory limitations, in which case, the driver attempts to allocate the shared memory from the system space.

Manual Pages — LE

The first media type with which a car- rier is detected will be selected. This driver is designed amd am79c970 be moderately generic, operating unmodified across the range of architectures and targets supported by VxWorks.PCnetTM-PCI Single-Chip Ethernet Controller for PCI Local Bus, AM79C datasheet, AM79C circuit, AM79C data sheet: AMD, alldatasheet. AMD AM79C DRIVER - If a memory region is provided to the driver, the size of this region is adjustable to suit user needs. This parameter amd am79c970 be used to.


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