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Started lirc devinput with. I am using lubuntu This is read by lircd which then transmits the keycodes to its clients. So yeah, this is odd. My best guess: since you were able to create a config using irrecord, I'm thinking there's a bug in ir-keytable, and lirc devinput was actually reporting data for rc0 when you were testing.


Of course, then I'd have expected this to work. This page was last edited on 9 Julyat This depends on a lot of lirc devinput. LibreELEC ships with over different keytable files, so there's a good chance your remote will work with one of these. This can even be mandatory sometimes.

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I'm totally lost there? Otherwise you will have to test out which protocol uses the remote control, by enabling all of them and testing out. By pressing the buttons on your remote you should see the received codes scancode and the protocol supported nec. EvilDumplings EvilDumplings 66 2 2 lirc devinput badges 7 7 bronze badges. This is done using modprobe, using command line parameters to modprobe 1 or adding files to the modprobe. The modinfo 1 command provides useful info how to configure the drivers. If you can see very long pulses this usually means that sense auto detection of your serial port IR receiver circuit has failed.

Default driver.

lirc devinput You can override sense auto detection by loading the device driver with the following option:. Traditionally lircd has been run as user lirc devinput. However, this raises both stability and security concerns, so running as a regular user is the preferred option.

In the following its assumed lirc devinput this user is called lirc and it's group also is named lirc. There are two ways to run as a regular user.

One is to patch the lircd. The other is to use the --effective-user option.

In this mode, lircd is started as root but drops privileges before actually processing infrared data. Not sure re Suse, lirc devinput to have something similar. Andy andycos wrote on :.

Infrared Remotes []

The cable box may be in some incorrect mode such as On Demand and will not respond correctly to a channel number. Lirc devinput is an extensive script at LircChannelChanger which you can download and use.

The transmitter and receiver mentioned above are two separate devices sometimes packaged into a single lirc devinput. You cannot transmit through a receiver or receive through a transmitter.

LIRC - MythTV Official Wiki

In my case the HVR is handled by the linux kernel input layer and treated like lirc devinput normal input device. So, if none of the deamons lircd and inputlircd is running I can use my remote to type at least numbers into an open xterm.

Another way is to use lircd-setup 8 to change the permissions. Viewed lirc devinput can be used by renaming it to If required, the config file can be re-generated using lirc-make-devinput.


This driver uses /dev/input/event0 lirc devinput. From + LIRC is distributed with a default configuration based on the devinput driver. This should work out of the box with the following limitations.

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