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Linux Mint While Steam Play continues getting directfb opengl for allowing more Windows games to run on Linux to enhance the overall Linux directfb opengl ecosystem, Valve's latest monthly data for Steam shows another month-to-month decline in usage at least on percentage terms.

Bugs should be filed on the Directfb opengl website at sourceforge. There appear to be two new files on the ftp site, MesaLib Happy Days. Thanks Keith Whitwell for preparing these for us during Brian's absence. I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted a position with Precision Insight, Inc.

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I'll be leaving Avid Technology in September. I've been working on Mesa in my spare directfb opengl for over five years.

While I'll be focused on Linux, the X Window System, and hardware acceleration, my work will continue to be open sourced and available to any directfb opengl programmers who may want to contribute to it, or use it for other projects or platforms. Anonymous CVS access is back online so suck up all the bandwidth you can afford.

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Note that this is a new archive, so you will directfb opengl to re-checkout the archive. That means don't cvs update from a previous download.


The Mac pages, ftp, and CVS services aren't directfb opengl restored yet. Please be patient. Beta 2 of Mesa 3. If you are into the quake scene, you may want to try this out, as it contains some optimizations specifically in the Q3A rendering path.

May 13, For those interested in the integration of Mesa into XFree86 4. Mesa is another interesting candidate, but I can't seem to find any recent information. The Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform, directfb opengl multimedia library.


It supports backends including:. Userpage tools.


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Qt provides several ways to both render advanced effects directfb opengl the screen and speed up your application using hardware accelerated graphics. Qt uses QPainter for all graphics operations.

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See also related question on Raspberry Pi. Thanks again for this information. OpenGL ES 2. Atom RSS 2. Advanced Search.DirectFB (Direct Frame Buffer) is a software directfb opengl with a small memory footprint that provides DirectFBGL is an OpenGL extension for DirectFB/XDirectFB that uses Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) in the Mesa 3D library to support  License‎: ‎LGPL. i dont know in which forum to ask this question pardon me if it is not this forum i wanted to know difference between openGL Directfb opengl and.

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