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I have mybut it doesnt support PhysX I want to understand do I need PhysX or not??? I found a lot of articles, I found one at one of local web sites, it seems to me that it is good technology. They have translator Thx you people, Alex. Aug 21, 0 mirrors edge physx, Mar 3, 0 19, You do not need it, but it does add some nice effects to mirrors edge.

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There are a lot of wind and tearing effects, glass breaking. If you do not have physics x you will not see a mirrors edge physx of the flags, tarps, plastic and glass breaking.

PhysX in Mirror's Edge Catalyst? - GeForce Forums

Besides that you will get pretty much the same play. Nov 19, 1, 0 19, mirrors edge physx. Sign In. Why mirror's edge lag in pc when physx is enabled? About PhysX overall and the games that use it. Witcher 3 uses physx but it's CPU accelerated Mirrors edge physx lot of games have physx dll's in thier files but only a handful take advantage of GPU accelerated physx.


This topic is locked from further discussion. It's unplayable I have reinstalled the PhsyX software and still the same prob The most intense moments managed to pull the frame rate under 30 FPS, but not by much. You have plenty of room to tone down some of the eye candy if 26 FPS is too choppy for you. Once again, enabling PhysX without any form of hardware acceleration results in an unplayable slide show as soon as the bullets start flying. The goal here is to replace many of the old pre-cooked animations with physical simulations. Is it a mirrors edge physx idea? Not really. Remember the first time you shot an enemy and his body did a ragdoll slump to the floor, rather than playing through a stock death animation?


I spent countless hours afterward finding hilarious locations mirrors edge physx kill enemies, whether it involved ledges, stairs, or a myriad of other environmental hazards. It was a great moment for gaming, one that PhysX replicates by bringing that same visceral interaction to a multitude of objects in the game world.


The name of the game is immersion, and PhysX helps sell the experience. Unfortunately, there is a substantial performance trade-off—one larger than those accompanying most other visual settings. Based on where your preferences lie, though, you might not mirrors edge physx PhysX viable without a video card upgrade like, say, if you prefer high-res visuals with antialiasing or demand a solid 60 frames per second. Thanks for the guide.

This is the right answer for those people's thousands of problems with that files. Thank you very much!

NVIDIA PhysX and Mirror's Edge

Aurel View Profile View Posts. It works perfectly now! Thanks a lot.

More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at info. Then do the following: 1. Delete or rename the physxcore.

Also delete the physxlocal directory inside that same binaries folder. Categories :.

Cancel Save. This fix is legit. Mirror's Edge was one of the first games to use PhysX. PhysX was so new at the time that PhysX wasn"t even installed with the drivers by default; Which is why it was intigrated into the game itself in Deleting Mirror's Edge physxcore.Ok mirrors edge physx to help.

I have seen threads mirrors edge physx how to fix thePhysX slowdown in the game which advise deleting certain files files under the. Delete or rename theand from the steam\ steamapps\common\mirrors edge\binaries folder. 2. Also delete the.

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