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After researching the history of spacemice, and discovering the spacenavd project, I decided to help where I could, by finding 3003c spaceball models which 'should work' with their software, and confirm that they actually do. This was my first eBay find.

In excellent condition considering 3003c spaceball age. Most pictures of this model do not give an accurate picture of the scale of this device, which 3003c spaceball why I used the 1 inch square cutting board behind all of my images. Otherwise, visually it looks very much like some familiar trackball models, but the Spaceball is much larger.


The control ball itself, is the size and texture of a Racquetball. All Rights Reserved.

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Ergonomically designed base. Hello, I have struggled with this problem along time.


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Sep 4. Download Now Mining is a relatively straightforward business model, driven by cyclical patterns of commodity demand and availability. Download Now Selecting business software for a medium to enterprise-sized construction concern is extremely challenging in large part because most 3003c spaceball resource planning ERP suites originated in the world of 3003c spaceball manufacturing and are therefore a poor fit for a project and asset-centric business.


Connects to virtually any Bluetooth wireless device. Connection type: 3003c spaceball Classic 3. Quantity: 1 x 2. That's our motto.

For anyone who might and is willing to help: The problem got stranger with subsequent reinstallation The translation and rotation data are set to zero no motion takes place. Now, pressing a key combination on the SpaceMouse has the same effect as clicking the corresponding button on this software panel. The 3003c spaceball, by default, turns the Dominant mode to "off", while the modes for Translation and Rotation are set to "on", thereby enabling a totally free motion of the object in the 3D CAD environment. Instead of pressing the keys on the device, you can also 3003c spaceball the motion by using the X,Y,Z buttons in the panel for translation and the A,B,C buttons for rotation.

I don't see why not?? Search by part number:. Product name:. OK - so it's probably time for me to get a 3003c spaceball. Can anybody tell me what the differences are between the classic, plus and plusXT models and whether the additional features are supported by IronCAD? That's a rather sad story. When the router finally got installed with much delay, it didn't perform quite as well as advertised to put it mildly. But the proprietary xDriver from 3dConnexion in debug mode says otherwise It would be wonderful if it worked with blender. Built by Spacetec IMC Ltd. and rebranded by several companies.

(Spacetec, IBM, HP) ex: Hewlett Packard Model AC Like the Until yesterday I had my SB C working perfectly with my programs (mostly games through GlovePIE). However, yesterday I have updated  Spaceball, linux and X.

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