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Be that as it may, I do not have the patience, nor the knowledge, to sort this thing out. As it does not bother me that much, and it only happens between tracks, I am going to leave it alone. Maybe some day a fellow aficionado will be more gracious than me, and if faced with the same issue, will post his solution here:scratch2: Happy Listening:music:. It is an amazing system!!! Maybe some day a fellow aficionado will be more gracious than me, and if faced with the same issue, will post his solution here:scratch2: Happy Listening:music: I'm running the D without any issues, never heard a chirp since I installed it in my system a couple mcintosh d100 months ago.

McIntosh D digital stereo pre-amplifier - Hi-Fi at Vision Living

I'm not sure if this helps to know the Windows side of the setup, but perhaps there are a couple settings you can check that would be similar" button on remote notwithstanding!

From memory they have a low Z 50? The LCDs are great phones but I found them way too mcintosh d100 -- like strapping speakers to my noggin. All right, y'all, here's a video i took to try to capture what Mcintosh d100 am listening to in between tracks.

McIntosh D digital preamp The Ear

I apologize for the horrible quality iPhone camera and for the ambient noise in the background. This is after all our family room and people around here have gone on about their mcintosh d100 despite me :tears: my mcintosh d100 is actually playing Minecraft at the computer nearby I fast forwarded a few songs I think three to their respective ends where you can hear the noice in between tracts or so I hope You know, it sounds like crickets! I'm using MC Any ideas? Let me do a bit more reading on it. I will advise if I see anything that stands out to me. Wiki: Various software, firmware and hardware components may add up a substantial delay associated with starting playback of a track. If not accounted for, the listener is left waiting in silence as the player fetches the next file see harddisk access timeupdates metadata, decodes the whole first block, before having any data to feed the hardware buffer.

McIntosh D100 review

The gap can be as much as half a second or more — very noticeable in "continuous" music such as certain classical or dance genres. In some cases, the hardware is even reset between tracks, creating mcintosh d100 very short "click".

You may want to try narrowing the delay between tracks in JRiver, Hector. I will try that again, thanks. The first time i thought I set it where there was no gap between songs,but Im not very good with computer stuff and may not have done the right thing. Maybe you can share your setting with me? I don't use it much, anymore, since I implemented the SimAudio streamer, which has it's own iPad based control ap. However, in reading the link below it mcintosh d100 give some setup tips that might help. It took me some playing around, but it is real and seems to be caused by a delay between when the cache is being loaded and the track starts.


Mcintosh d100 need to play with the settings to allow more time for mcintosh d100 loading, or don't load to memory at all. Hector, if you can send me a few screen shot of your JRiver settings, I might be able to both reproduce your problem and help you solve it.

McIntosh Laboratory Introduces the D100 DAC/Preamplifier (Hi-Fi+)

I finally mcintosh d100 able to get the "chirp" to happen. Deal, I will be back home early evening, and will PM you then.

Thanks a lot! Ok, after following this thread, and the fact that my Retailer lowered the price of his demo unit by a significant amount, I purchased the D on Saturday to use as a DAC only for my Logitech Transporter. No 'chirps' or other noise issues, the D is dead quiet in my system. The installation of the D is the largest leap in performance in my system since I rolled in Mullards into my C mcintosh d100 Dan's recommendation. Did you guys fix the chirp issue? If so, can you report on what the problem was? We will find out later.


No additional driver is needed, the Linux software recognised the DAC immediately. I can hear you Form the first note till the last I loved the D, because it sounded almost identical to my own converter on the mcintosh d100.


Only the Harbeth P3ESR showed a little more difference in the midrange and stereo image, mcintosh d100 not enough to recognise each converter in a blind test.The McIntosh D is different. When we think of McIntosh, we think of massive blue-tinted power meters fronting appropriately oversized. McIntosh describes the Mcintosh d100 as a 'digital preamp' and although this is an accurate enough description of the product, it can leave a few.

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