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  • FiiO E10 review – A lot of boxes have been ticked!
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Would just like to point out something of interest to fiio e10 technical audio sorts. Please see www. Hello, great blog by the way! I'm pretty devoid of knowledge in terms of audio so ill just keep it simple.

I need something to bypass the headphone jack on my laptop. I dont fiio e10 if its the onboard DAC or just the jack but what comes out of the listening end is less than pleasant.

FiiO E10 review – A lot of boxes have been ticked!

Is this still better for use as a dac than the E7? I dont have anything thats hard to drive.

Or if there is an even cheaper alternative that works for someone with low standards, please advise. I just want music to sound nicer on my laptop. Another fair and balanced review, without any of the 'Fan Boy' Fiio hyperbole of some other on-line resources. I bought an Fiio e10 as soon as it came out in the UK and have found it te be pretty fiio e10 considering the obvious compromises that must have been made at it's price point - in certainly improved on the headphone output of my black MacBook. I even managed to get a discount on both the DACport and the modification. I know the DACport is about 4 times the price of the E10, but it's not silly expensive and to me, it shows the difference between a product designed at speed and to the lowest possible price, and one evolved over time and built to a standard and priced accordingly.

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It sounds exceptional, seems flawlessly constructed and deals with all high-res files properly. I just think that makers and buyers need to be more realistic about what you really get for such low prices, and if you're serious about your listening, whether making fiio e10 bit more of an investment isn't actually better value in the longer term. Paul, I would suggest the E10 as a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your laptop audio. If you're looking to save even more money, consider the Creative X-Fi Go for low impedance headphones or the Asus Xonar U3 for higher impedance headphones. I added a paragraph to the measurements summary in the first part of the review comparing the E7 to the E The market has changed fiio e10 I reviewed the E7 and my own standards have risen.

Also, in that price range, the popular choice back then was the much more flawed and limited NuForce uDAC Compared to the uDAC-2 the E7 seemed like a bargain. But times have changed and the bar is set higher. Twelvebears, thanks for the DACport comparison. I completely agree some products are hastily thrown together using trendy components, made to look high-end, and rushed to market in search of quick profits.

Other companies, like Centrance, take a much more holistic approach and put genuine fiio e10 performance ahead of aesthetics and time-to-market. The quality of such products is more than skin deep and they pay a lot more attention to getting the normally hidden details correct.

Wayback Wednesday: Fiio E10K - Fiio's King - Headfonia Headphone Reviews

Benchmark licensed some of their USB interface technology from Centrance. I'm not fiio e10 Centrance, back then, even had their own DAC products.


I haven't talked to John Siau at Benchmark lately but I have to wonder if he's a bit dismayed Centrance has become a fiio e10 competitor with the introduction of the DACmini. But competition is good. So products like the E10 still have their place. In regards to the quality control of the E10, I couldn't agree more. My first E10 had channel imbalance problems that were very severe, and the 2nd one I have now still has slight imbalance problems along with the added jack problems.

Fiio is planning on a 3rd revision soon, which tells me, that fiio is in a rush to get as many sub par products out rather than releasing a refined and mature product. Fiio e10 wonderfull review!


So on what do you base these recommendations? Maybe you can do a review fiio e10 short on these products?

FiiO E10 Olympus USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Sorry for my English I am not English speakerDAC/Amp dengan kemampuan dan kualitas lebih baik dari K1. Fiturnya lebih lengkap sebagai DAC/Amp portable di bawah fiio e10 jutaan.

K/32Bit USB-C DAC and Headphone Amplifier for Home and Computer(mm Single Ended/mm Fiio e10 and Optical Digital Outs). EarStudio ESbit Portable High-Resolution Bluetooth Receiver/USB DAC/Headphone Amp. K/32Bit USB-C DAC and Headphone Amplifier for Home.

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